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About Alisia Dale

Alisia Dale was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, surrounded by the vibrant melodies of Calypso and the timeless tunes of Motown. Her passion for music and storytelling blossomed from an early age, nurtured by her parents’ love for their Caribbean heritage.

After completing her education in French and Italian literature, translation, and law, Alisia Dale’s creative journey took flight. Inspired by her own children’s need for inspirational yet authentic stories, she set out to make a difference.

Introducing Sela Blue – A World Full of Wonder

At the heart of Alisia Dale’s imaginative series lies Sela Blue – a lovable character who embarks on captivating adventures alongside her family and friends. Set against the backdrop of Châteauguay’s musical village, each story immerses readers in a world where magic blends seamlessly with reality.

The first book, “Sela Blue and the First Day of School,” captivated readers with its heartfelt storytelling and resonating themes. Now, get ready to join Sela Blue once again as she embarks on an extraordinary quest in “Sela Blue and the Magic Ticket.”

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